Patrick Getz


Patrick graduated cum laude with his BS in electrical engineering from Brigham Young University in April 2011 and MS degree from Georgia Tech in 2013. During his undergraduate studies at BYU, he focused his studies on digital signal processing while engaging in research on the electromagnetic properties of liquids and dielectric spectroscopy under the direction of Dr. Brian Mazzeo.

Upon arriving at Georgia Tech for doctoral studies in 2011, Patrick began researching MEMS devices for chemical and biological sensing applications and joined the iSenSys group under the direction of Dr. Oliver Brand in January 2013. In 2014, Patrick became involved in K-12 STEM outreach by becoming an outreach ambassador for the Meindl Legacy Program.

Research Interests

  • Modeling, fabrication and testing of silicon MEMS devices
  • MEMS based chemical and biological sensors
  • Signal processing of sensor outputs

Work Experience

  • Graduate Research Assistant-Georgia Tech, Jan ’11-Present
  • MEMS Process Consultant-Quantum Information Extraction, Sept ’16-Oct ‘16
  • Manufacturing Engineering Intern-Volcano Corporation, April ’11-Aug ‘11
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant-Brigham Young University, Jan ’10-April ‘11
  • Electrical Engineering Intern-California Independent System Operator, Summers ’06, ’08, ‘09


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