Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Oliver Brand, PhD

Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Executive Director, Institute of Electronics and Nanotechnology


Graduate Students


Patrick Getz, MS

PhD Student

Research Area: Cantilever and preconcentrator technology for VOC sensing.


Hommood Alrowais, MS

PhD Student

Research Area: Bio-inspired MEMS.


Choongsoon Kim, MS

PhD Student

Research Area: Interface circuitry for chemical sensors.


Devin Brown, MS

PhD Student

Research Area: Electron beam lithography.


Mingu Kim, MS

PhD Student

Research Area: Microfluidics for chemical sensors.

Group Alumni

Spyridon Pavlidis, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2016

Dissertation: Investigation of wide band gap semiconductors: InGaZnO TFTs for chemical sensing and hybrid GaN/organic high-frequency packaging and circuits


Christopher Carron, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2015

Dissertation: System-Level Approaches for Improving Performance of Cantilever-Based Chemical Sensors


Jinjyh Su, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2014

Dissertation: Integrated Low Power Interfaces for Impedimetric Chemical Sensors


Stuart Truax, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2011

Dissertation: A Microscale Chemical Sensor Platform for Environmental Monitoring


Luke Beardslee, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2011

Dissertation: Liquid-Phase Operation of MEMS Resonators for Biochemical Sensing in Point of Care and Embedded Applications


Kemal Safak Demirci, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2010

Dissertation: Chemical Microsystem Based on Integration of Resonant Microsensor and CMOS ASIC


Kianoush Naeli, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2009

Dissertation: Optimization of Piezoresistive Cantilevers for Static and Dynamic Sensing Applications


Michael Fonseca, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2007

Co-advised by Dr. Mark Allen

Dissertation:Polymer/Ceramic Wireless MEMS Pressure Sensors for Harsh Environments: High Temperature and Biomedical Applications


Jae Hyeong Seo, PhD

PhD Graduate, 2007

Dissertation: Silicon-Based Resonant Microsensor Platform for Chemical and Biological Applications